Academy of Enterprising Girls

As the mum of two young girls, I hope they will grow to feel inspired, empowered, and fearless. I want them to dream big and live their very best life.

Yet, we know it's not a given. Girls are still less likely than boys to naturally think like an entrepreneur at a young age, and as such to develop the self-confidence required to turn an idea into reality.

That's why I love what the Academy of Enterprising Girls do. Their mission is to help build the confidence, skills, and mindset so girls can thrive in an innovative and entrepreneurial world.

Here is a link to an article and a video recording of my discussion with Jessica Tancred to talk about my journey with PreppedFRESH.

We spoke in detail about how long it took to get my business to market, the robust research we undertook to understand her customer and validate our idea, as well as the podcasts and books that inspired me.

With a background in marketing and advertising, I also offered tips on how to survive the side hustle, how to save on startup costs and the life-changing benefit of a job loss.

It's a must watch for any one needing the inspiration and information to take their first steps on their entrepreneurial journey.

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