The scale of our food waste? Nearly $4,000 per household

Did you know, in every Australian household nearly 4,000 dollars’ worth of fresh groceries gets binned every year?

It’s not just fresh herbs and the odd soggy zucchini – it’s a much bigger problem. Due to Australia’s unique climate and geography, much of our produce is trucked around the country and stored for weeks. By the time we buy it at our local store, drive it home in a hot car, and get it back in the fridge – it’s lost all its freshness.

Most of us will start the week full of good intentions, and a fridge full of groceries. But we often run out of steam after a long busy day in the office. Or we give up after we found our fresh produce perished, week after week, before we even got to it. Unfortunately, It comes as no surprise that the majority of Australians have now given up and default to ordering in takeaways most nights. It’s like an impossible choice between doing what’s right for your loved ones and what’s right for the environment.

At PreppedFRESH we believe there is a better way. As Australians slowly become more sustainability and health conscious, there is an opportunity to collectively rethink the way we produce, store and shop fresh food to avoid food waste, without compromising on taste.

Watch this space, more to come soon!  

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