Cut your food bill

We all experience the anxiety that comes with bringing fresh groceries home. The initial hope and excitement for all the planned dishes that will come. One crazy work day after another and all of a sudden you feel an overwhelming sense of guilt that you won’t get to those veggies before they expire. 
Food waste PreppedFRESH
There are many factors that affect how long vegetables last once at home and the right storage conditions play a big role.  However, taking into account average waste for each ingredient, as well as trimmings (the parts you don't eat) - our prepped and flash-frozen vegetables and herbs can be both cost efficient and convenient compared to buying traditional fresh groceries from the supermarket. 
PreppedFRESH Grocery Cost Comparison
The below comparison looks specifically at our starter kit ingredients, which includes ten varieties (six types of vegetables and four herbs).
Cost comparison food waste PreppedFRESH