What is PreppedFRESH?

PreppedFRESH is an online subscription service, created to empower home chefs with the ingredients to thrive. All our vegetables & herbs are cleaned, peeled and diced for you. Then flash-frozen to seal in nutrients, texture and flavour. We deliver directly to you each month, along with recipe ideas. So you get to cook delicious, healthy food - with less prep and no waste.

What is flash-freezing?

Flash-freezing is a process in which food is frozen very quickly, to an extremely cold temperature. It results in smaller ice crystals being created within the cellular structure, meaning nutrients, flavour and texture can be maintained to be as good as fresh. 

Why flash-freeze?

Fresh vegetables perish very quickly, especially in Australia, which results in a huge volume of food being wasted. At PreppedFRESH, we fundamentally believe that if prepared correctly and using the right freezing technology, most food can be frozen to extend its life, without compromising on taste.