How it works

Have you ever cooked with the freshest ingredients? And we mean, fresh. Crunchy, crisp, raw, natural ingredients packed full of flavour and nutrients.  Once you do, it’s hard to go back to processed ready meals or sugary, salty takeaways. 

But the harsh reality is, $20 billion worth of fresh food in Australia gets thrown out every year. That’s $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. While most of us only have time to shop weekly, fresh vegetables and herbs often go off before you get to them. For others, who may start the week full of good intentions, they simply run out of steam, time or inspiration once home after work.   

So, we are on a mission to help make cooking with fresh ingredients easier.

How? We prep, slice and dice all the veggies and herbs you love, and pack them in handy little bags you can dip into whenever you need, along with recipes for easy inspiration.  

By prepping fresh, cooking fresh becomes a part of everyday life. Nutritious, quality ingredients, right at your fingertips.