Meat-free Recipes

Looking for new meat-free meal ideas? Here are some of our favorite Monday night meals. Going meat-free, even just one day a week, helps reduce the environmental impact of food on the planet, and is also a good way to try new healthy recipes. Enjoy and happy cooking!
Pumpkin Dahl Meat-free Recipe //PreppedFRESH
Red Capsicum Risotto Recipe // PreppedFRESH
Green Pesto Pasta Recipe // PreppedFresh
Express Ratatouille Medley Meat-free Recipe //PreppedFRESH
Creamy Leek Quiche Meat-free Recipe //PreppedFRESH
Ratatouille Risotto Meat-free Recipe //PreppedFRESH
Easy Homemade Potato Gnocchi Meat-free Recipe //PreppedFRESH
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