Nutritional Benefits


In Australia, fresh fruits and vegetables are often harvested before they’re fully ripe, so they can better cope with long transportation and temperature changes. Once harvested, they rapidly start spoiling and deteriorating.
By contrast, research shows that if those same produce are harvested at their peak ripeness, when taste and vitamins are optimum, and flash-frozen within a few hours, the nutritional value can remain higher for longer.
Vitamin C content flash frozen vegetables compared to fresh PreppedFRESH
Nutrional benefit frozen compared to fresh vegetables research preppedfresh australia
As such, the key benefits of using PreppedFRESH Ingredients,  beyond better nutritional value include:
- Convenience: All our ingredients are already prepped for you, which is a massive time saver (use samples / show prepped ingredients needed to make a Bolognese)
- Control & flexibility: Longer shelf life to give consumers better control and flexibility as to when to use them. Which in turn, also helps prevent food waste.
- Value: When considering average trimming & waste with fresh equivalents, it does not even cost you more. 
Benefits of flash frozen vegetables preppedfresh