Our Story

Isabelle Dunn PreppedFRESH Founder

With a business leadership, marketing and digital advertising background, Isabelle has also had a life-long passion for cooking and inspiring her friends and family to try new, exciting meals. She lives and breathes food. 

Since becoming a busy working mum of two, she has tested every new and ingenious way to make weeknight home cooking quicker and easier - combining her own tips with some of the shortcuts she got accustomed to while living overseas; by preparing ahead and batch cooking for the freezer, prepping ingredients to freeze and cook faster later, and adding fancy frozen finishing touches as that extra pizazz to impress.

PreppedFRESH Founder Isabelle Dunn with kids

She knew she wasn't alone. When life gets too busy, often, preparing fresh ingredients for meals is one of the first things to go. She spotted a gap in the market – hence PreppedFRESH was born.

Her vision is to help Australian home cooks step up their game by sharing tricks, recipes and shortcuts to make weeknight cooking as easy as 1, 2, 3.