Tackling Food Waste

According to EPA NSW, an alarming 20% of fresh food in Australia gets thrown out, totaling over $3,800 per household every year. It’s not just fresh herbs and the odd soggy zucchini – it’s a much bigger problem.

Australian Food Waste // PreppedFRESH

Due to Australia’s unique climate and geography, much of our produce is trucked around the country and stored for weeks.  By the time we buy it at our local store, drive it home in a hot car, and get it back in the fridge – it’s lost all its freshness.

At PreppedFRESH, we believe there’s a better way. We believe we need to collectively rethink the way we source, store and cook fresh food.

We want to give all home chefs across Australia better access to a broad range of quality ingredients, prepped for ultimate convenience. Just like chefs have access to in professional kitchens.  

All our ingredients are peeled, sliced and diced for you. We deliver them directly to you, along with recipe ideas and inspiration for your weekly shop. So you get to cook delicious, healthy food with less prep and no waste.

We want to empower you, the next generation of home chefs, with the ingredients to thrive. It’s about rekindling your love of cooking – without hassle or compromise. 

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